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The Lü

Lü is an intelligent environment that understands player behavior and interactions and reacts to them in real time. Thanks to our innovation, a simple sports hall is transformed into an interactive playing field that combines virtual computer games with sports and exercise. Lü transforms her sports hall into an exciting learning environment that appeals to all the senses.

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The magic behind Lü

What makes Lü so engaging and innovative is what players don´t see. Thanks to the 3D cameras mounted on the ceiling, Lü guides the games through the interactive elements, which are projected onto a wall using a projector. The light and sound systems are synchronized in real time, deepening the unique immersive experience of the players.


Everyone agrees that sport should be fun and accessible to everyone, not just the athletes among us. Lü enables dynamic experiences in an immersive environment where players develop their physical skills through play. Sport becomes a game with Lü.

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We strongly believe in learning and active play that involves everyone. Playing with Lü engages the senses and the mind at the same time, taking activities and sport to a whole new level. Lü therefore offers a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary form of learning.


Your party with Lü

It´s your birthday soon and you want to make your birthday special. Then come to us with up to 11 friends and experience an unforgettable party with the Lü.

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Probier das Lü jetzt aus!

Besuche uns mit deinen Kindern im Café Stullenwerk und genießt das Ambiente.
Spannende Aufgabe und Bewegungsspiele erwarten die Kinder und auch die Eltern. Probiert es jetzt aus!

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